“My name is Layla Dixon and I am a 21 year old from Hampton, Virginia. I am currently studying at Norfolk State University for a Bachelors degree in Music Education/Vocal. At an early age I attended summer camps at EduStar Preforming arts Academy. During this time I was taught piano, guitar, percussion, vocal, and acting. The private voice lessons prepared me for high school auditions such as District, State, and Honors choirs. In both my junior and senior year or high school, I was accepted into district and state choir. The biggest accomplishment was make Honors Choir; only for seniors in high school. I am grateful for all of the staff at EduStar Academy. While there, I learned that I can pursue my love for music and the arts successfully. I wish everyone could have the opportunity.”


Music Education


Singer, Dancer

“EduStar has truly helped set the foundation for the artist that I have become today. For me EduStar was a safe place for me to go to where I could express myself freely, be it through 7 years I studied classical piano under the direct teachings of Mr. Roscoe Redcross, or even through the intense summer arts camp of which I was privileged to be exposed to a vast form of arts ranging from continued piano instruction to vocal training, percussion, dance, and my current passion musical theatre.

I personally believe that being a prodigy of the EduStar family has opened numerous doors for me, not just in the world of the arts; but as a person trying to survive in this world. And obtaining academic and artistic scholarships to obtain the skill set to be a dancer for Cirque du Soleil, or being a touring artist with The Virginia Opera Association probably wouldn’t be possible without the things I learned here.  All of the instructors, Mr. and Mrs. Redcross, Ms. Williams and  Mr. Powers have been a tremendous help in me finding my true calling.”

“With the lessons I learned from Mr. Redcross (piano) and Ms. Williams (drama), I was accepted into Norfolk State University after being a student for 12 years at EduStar. The lessons learned and the opportunities that were presented have been vital to my success for study on the university level.”


Music Education



“I believe the skills that I gained as a young musician have influenced me in my professional and personal life. I have had many great opportunities because of music and the arts and I am eternally grateful for EduStar.”